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Market research

Tender advice and support

Strategic planning

Online marketing

Coaching & training

Project management

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Lia de Jong


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market research

Identify your opportunities in the ​French market with a market ​analysis tailored to your industry, ​organization, strategy, product or ​services.

Get insight in your competitive ​edge, potential audience and ​business opportunities. Make ​sure that you are well prepared ​before you invest time and money ​in the French market.

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Strategic planning

Turn your market potential into an ​operational plan to start your ​activities in France. Build an ​infrastructure to be in frequent ​contact with your potential partners ​and clients to create awareness. ​Engage them by sharing best ​practices and success story to ​create familiarity with your brand ​and trust in your solutions.

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Tender consulting

Develop and analyse your ​response strategy and decide on ​a “bid or no bid” response.

Whether you need some quality ​assurance for your bids or ​support to complete your ​proposals on time, we are here to ​help you win tenders.

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If you ask foreign companies how ​they became successful in France ​they will tell you that knowledge ​of culture, language and business ​practises is key.

Receive individual coaching or ​team training will help you to find ​your way in France and learn how ​to smoothen the communication.

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ONline marketing

Do you want your product to ​become remarkable?

Get your success story shared, ​bring value to your customers to ​engage them to obtain quality leads ​and sales. Get support to find the ​right channels to effectively reach ​your clients with the right message. ​A strategy tailored to your business ​and the french market.

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Are you in need for a representation ​in France?

Get support during meetings to ​obtain for example subsidies, tender ​specs or discuss your offer or ​negotiate a contract. We are also ​there to support you with a speaking ​slot during an event to get the right ​message to your audience. We ​provide flexible services tailored to ​your needs.


Data is key to understand markets and identify opportunities. The industries of experience are:

  • Waste
  • Water
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Renewable energy
  • Mining and metals
  • Agriculture
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Study tender file

A thorough understanding of the tender files and needs of the vendor is ​crucial to successfully applicate for the tender. You will be supported ​with an analyses of the key information, a synthesis including all the ​points to which need to be paid attention in the bid and a check-list ​stating all needed documents.


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Internal Feasibility check

Assistance in de investigation the economical and financial ​capacities of the company to bind the company. During a ​video meeting the tender files will be explained and discussed ​with your team.


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Establishment of the bid file

Assistance in the preparation of the files for the bid


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Final check of the bid file

Final investigation of the bid to insure that the bid meets all ​needs and expectations of the purchaser. You will receive a ​document with the recommendations to make changes or ​addings to assure that the file will be complete.


Post Award follow up

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Whether your bid is rejected or your company wins the contract, our ​tender response support service also includes feedback to provide ​you with areas for improvement in your future responses.If your ​company wins the contract: Whether under the adapted or formalized ​procedure, We will assist your company in submitting the required ​documents.


Find out about common tendering mistakes and how to avoid them.

Checklist to find out which service you need

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Activities in several industries...

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Paper & cardboard industry

Presentation about starch preparation equipment at technical days in the carton and paper industry.

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Water treatment

Presentation about water scarcity and technical solutions.

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Renewable gas

Presentation about gas treatment at high pressure with the amine absorption technology.


Presentation about amine absorption technology to purify biogas for small scale agricultural projects.

Plastic waste recycling

Meeting with the ministry of the economy in Paris to discuss the potential for an innovative project to recycle plastics from household waste into granulate.


Represenation at events around the subject environment in France.

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Hello, I am Lia!

I am consultant in business development with more than 15 years ​experience in marketing and sales in B2B and B2C businesses.

I am passionate about psychology and business development. I like to ​advise and support B2B clients to understand their markets, their potential ​and to realise their plans in terms of projects or sales growth in France and ​in the Netherlands.

I grew up in the The Netherlands. The dairy farm of my parents gave me ​the love for nature and entrepreneurship. I am proud to tell that I am still ​taking part in the family business today.

I am happy to live and work in the north of France.

I designed and created Rhetolia to translate my ideas into a concept. ​Rhetolia comes from the Greek word ‘Rhetoric’ which means the ability to ​see what is persuasive in any given case. This is exactly what I am looking ​at with my clients every day!

Lia de Jong

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